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Specialty Physical Therapy is a free-standing owner-operated physical therapy private practice, specializing in treatment of persons with, lymphedema, cellulitis, chronic venous insufficiency, wound care, pelvic pain, interstitial, continency, ostomy reversal, urinary and fecal incontinency issues

Specialty Physical Therapy

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Laura “Flint” is a doctor of physical therapy with 45 years experience.   For 21 of those years, “Flint” has treated patients suffering with lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency & open wounds. Next to her name are designations such as “CLT” (certified lymphedema therapist) and “WCC” (wound care certified). She is also a pelvic floor consultant addressing such problems as urinary and fecal incontinence issues after prostatectomy or pregnancy, and painful intercourse, interstitial cystitis, ostomy reversal candidates, pelvic pain and intestinal dysfunction.


Whether referred by a physician or by word of mouth, you will find Specialty Physical Therapy located at the Flint Center “in the Forest” (Carolina Forest)  to be a comfortable, home-like setting with a fun, caring staff.  “Flint” and her staff constantly provide educational information to the patient, the caregiver, family members, and area professionals

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