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Specialty Physical Therapy is a free-standing owner-operated physical therapy private practice, specializing in treatment of persons with, lymphedema, cellulitis, chronic venous insufficiency, wound care, pelvic pain, interstitial, continency, ostomy reversal, urinary and fecal incontinency issues

Specialty Physical Therapy

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Specialty Physical Therapy differs from other physical therapy practices in that it treats patients with the following “special problems:”

(Free measurements are available for any patient slated for surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.)


1) lymphedema is a back-up of lymphatic fluid that creates swelling in a body part.  This type of condition is prevalent in patients who have had r
adiation to lymph node clusters or surgical resection of the lymph nodes (rule of two R’s).
2)  Chronic venous insufficiency is a back-up of blood as a result of poor venous return. We found the regimen used at SPT to be effective in treating vascular lymphatic cases in our population.

Some common warning signs of abnormal swelling are:

1) rings become too tight

2) arm(s) /legs feel heavy

3) hands/feet become puffy

4) sleeves or pants are too tight. 

Patients with lymphedema should never have blood pressures taken or venous punctures for blood work taken.

(rule of two P’s)

Interesting Note: 90% of the world’s lymphedema is caused by a parasite transmitted to humans by a mosquito (similar to malaria). 


3) Cellulitis…. Uncontrollable redness and heat of any body part… sometimes accompanied by seeping of clear fluid from blister-like formations… lymphedema protocols work very effectively on these cases too.


4) Open wounds are typically seen in patients with lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and diabetes/ neuropathy. Specialty Physical Therapy will address these wounds if not too serious.  If necessary, Dr. “Flint” will coordinate with a wound care center. We have one of those in our neighborhood too!


5) Fecal/Urinary continency issues are a delicate subject. These conditions are seen mainly in post/prostatectomy and post-partum patients. The treatment utilizes electrical stimulation and biofeedback coupled with therapeutic exercise to restore as much function as possible. Pelvic pain and reverse-ostomy candidates are known to do quite well with this treatment intervention as well.


If you or someone you know has a need for these specialized services, call Specialty Physical Therapy at 843/651-7513.  The Flint Center is located at 325 Wellness Drive in Carolina Forest just off the International Drive exit of route 31. You can also reach us from Hwy 90 to International drive…Welcome! 


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