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Specialty Physical Therapy is a free-standing owner-operated physical therapy private practice, specializing in treatment of persons with, lymphedema, cellulitis, chronic venous insufficiency, wound care, pelvic pain, interstitial, continency, ostomy reversal, urinary and fecal incontinency issues

Specialty Physical Therapy

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Lymphedema Hints

Did you know that most of  the world's lymphedema is communicated to human by a mosquito like malaria? a pesty parasite houses in the lymph nodes and kills them and large popluations of people get lymphedema .... a WHO catastrophe....it is called filariasis
Dr. Flint 


  1. The pelvic region is one of the most misunderstood areas in medicine. For years, pelvic pain has been brushed aside as not important enough to treat, despite its widespread prevalence. Instead patients are often told to "live with it". Pelvic pain impacts daily activities for many sufferers; it can result in depression, anxiety, and even suicide. Thankfully, at the Kimble Center for Pelvic Wellness we see that treating this region is important and necessary.

  2. According to the US Department of Labor, athens physical therapy positions are expected to increase by 27% between 2006 and 2016. As there is already a high demand for physical therapists and almost no unemployment in this field, this looks like a very promising field to enter into. The most important part of any description of a physical therapist's job involves the nature of the work a physical therapist performs with sports injuries.

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